President Obama to Make Cameo Appearance in New Futurist Adventure Movie?

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About the Character:

President Barret Osama, elected as President of the United States in the course of the book and movie Spiritus Mundi is a liberal minority president who succeeds the former conservative president following the World Financial Crisis.  He plays a key role when the New Triple Axis powers China, Russia and Iran threaten a Pearl Harbor-like suprise attack to seize Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Middle-Eastern oilfields against which he leads NATO’s resistance. After this plan is foiled due to the brilliant discoveries of MI6 and CIA agents  Etienne Dearlove and Jack Sartorius the Chinese then fall back to Plan B and attack Russian Siberia upon which President Osama invites Russia, Japan and South Korea to join NATO which then defeats the Chinese invasion. In a prior episode he took a weaker line, acquiescing  when on the collape of North Korea, China and Russia jointly occupy that country in the name of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to prevent chaos and its falling under control of the West, Osama fearing US forces already too overstretched. At the end of the film, President Osama then becomes the first man in world history to be awarded two Nobel Peace Prizes when he earns his second one for his support of the creation of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, a global UN version of the European Parliament model at the close of the book, riding a wave of passion for world peace following the narrow averting of World War III and universal revulsion against a terrorist nuclear bomb detonated inside a visiting Terracotta Warrior in Jerusalem, revealed in the end as masterminded by a time travelling fascist war criminal from the 23rd Century who seeks to abort global democracy a la Terminator.

(Rumors of a cameo appearance by President Obama in the role remain unconfirmed. )

About robertalexandersheppard

Robert Sheppard , Author, Poet & Novelist Pushcart Prize fof Literature 2014 Nominee Professor of World and Comparative Literature Professor of International Law Senior Associate, Committee for a Democratic United Nations (KDUN) E-mail: Robert Sheppard is the author of the acclaimed dual novel Spiritus Mundi, nominated for the prestigious 2014 Pushcart Prize for Literature in two parts, Spiritus Mundi the Novel, Book I and Spiritus Mundi the Romance, Book II. The acclaimed “global novel” features espionage-terror-political-religious-thriller action criss-crossing the contemporary world involving MI6, the CIA and Chinese MSS Intelligence as well as a "People Power" campaign to establish a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly on the model of the European Parliament, with action moving from Beijing to London to Washington, Mexico City and Jerusalem while presenting a vast panorama of the contemporary international world, including compelling action and surreal adventures. It also contains the unfolding sexual, romantic and family relationships of many of its principal and secondary characters, and a significant dimension of spiritual searching through "The Varieties of Religious Experience." It contains also significant discussions of World Literature, including Chinese, Indian, Western and American literature, and like Joyce's Ulysses, it incorposates a vast array of stylistic approaches as the story unfolds. Dr. Sheppard presently serves as a Professor of International Law and World Literature at Peking University, Northeastern University and the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China, and has previously served as a Professor of International Law and MBA professor at Tsinghua University, Renmin People’s University, the China University of Politics and Law and at the Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China. Having studied Law, Comparative Literature and politics at the University of California, Berkeley (Ph. D.Program in Comparative Literature), Northridge, Tübingen, Heidelberg, the People’s College and San Francisco, (BA, MA, JD), he additionally has been active as professor of International Trade, Private International Law, and Public International Law from 1993 to 1998 at Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Graduate School (CASS), and the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. In the US he serves as a Professor at Kean University, as well as having taught at Bergen Community College and Pillar College in NJ. Since 2000 he has served as a Senior Consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Beijing and has authored numerous papers on the democratic reform of the United Nations system.
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